Welcome competitive fitness and lifting enthusiasts!

The International Competitive Fitness and Lifting Organization (ICFLO) launched in 2017 to support fitness and lifting athletes. We aim to support and unite the fitness and lifting communities with our event registration and scoring software and online education courses and certifications.  

With athletes cross-competing in many different fitness and lifting sports, we believe it is vital to offer our resources and support to all sports in effort to make the competitive event experience better for all.

With our initial launch ICFLO will offer full event registration and live scoring for functional movement competitions and an online Functional Movement Judge Course.

Our event registration and live scoring software is user-friendly, adaptive to many types of functional movement events and most important of all, affordable for event hosts.  Our site allows event hosts to instantly create their competition with our real-time approval process, so there is no delay in promoting your event! Once your event is created, event hosts can edit all their information in the user-friendly event dashboard.  ICFLO understands that having access to your registration funds is crucial in the promotion of your event, so our payment processing partner, PayPal, allows your funds to be sent directly to you instead of being held for a period of time.  Lastly, integrate your event hashtag into your event page on our site.  This will generate all posts into your social media tab so community members can see the buzz around your event!

Athletes also benefit from our event registration and scoring software.  All athletes have a community member profile where their event history and results will be displayed for all sports they participate in.

The functional movement community has spoken and ICFLO delivered with our Functional Movement Judge Course.  The need for dedicated and educated judges for functional movement events has always been there and ICFLO is here to help.  We have developed the most thorough and comprehensive judging course available.  Community members will be guided through an easy-to-use online certification course teaching not only the basics of functional movement but ICFLO also goes in-depth by teaching how to judge, ethics around judging, and finishing up with a comprehensive written and practical test at the end.

Well-educated judging improves a competition’s reputation, enhances athlete and spectator experiences and is better for sponsors.

Ready to get started? Join ICFLO and become a Community Member now!