Name: Cupids Revenge 2018
Start: 02-10-2018
End: 02-10-2018




1707 W North A St
Tampa, FL 33606
2018 Cupid’s Revenge standards.

RX & RX Masters (35+): Able to perform all of the "benchmark" WODs RX.

Scaled & Scaled Masters (40+): Barbell: Front squat (115/80), Cleans (115/80), Thrusters (95/65), Snatches (95/65), OHS (95/65), Deadlift (225/155) & Shoulder to overhead (95/65) Pull ups, push ups, rowing, running, box jumps (24/20), KBS (35/26), wall balls (20@10'/14@9'), double unders. The above standards are estimated working weights and movements for each division. These weights are subject to change and may have a 20 /10# variation depending on rep count and dynamics of the WOD.

Both Masters athletes must be 35 or 40 years of age at the time of the competition to register for the Masters division.

Athletes will be allowed to modify the workouts in the scaled division if they are unable to complete the prescribed movement or weight. The team will assume the last position on the leaderboard for any modified workouts.

Example: “What if I cannot do a pull up?” We will modify the pull ups to ring rows or jumping pull ups and still give the team an opportunity to compete and have fun with friends.

Early bird registration will open 11-13-17 at 8 pm and will close 11-17-17 at 5 pm, $55 per person ($110 per team)

Registration will reopen 12-1-17 until all slots are taken. $65 per person ($130 per team).

*Do wait until January to register, limited spot are available for each division.


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